There’s a beautiful warehouse conversion happening over in Scott’s Addition that I missed in my post from last week, What’s happening on the Boulevard?

Baker Atrium Lofts will be 31 1-3 bedroom apartments, with a really cool atrium. I stopped by yesterday and the atrium area was open- unfortunately my camera battery died so I couldn’t take pictures! But here are some photos of the exterior:


Here’s the Atrium that they’ve named the place for:

Here’s a pictures of some random houses in the middle of a bunch of warehouses. I’m not sure I’d want to live there:


And the Coca-Cola building at 1310 Roseneath recently sold for $2.15 million and is rumored to be slated for conversion to something (apartments? condos? offices?) in the near future:


Finally, while I was over there, I took a couple pictures of the Summit Lofts: