Some interesting redevelopment projects are in the works all around the downtown area, thanks to a new (I think) player in town, Prodigy Partners.

According to Style they’re considering retail and commercial uses for 3 (!) buildings on the 300 block of E. Broad St., near the convention center.

They’ve also got amazing plans to renovate the Lighthouse Diner at Hull & 13th. Plans call for rooftop seating with a vegetable garden and full-service bar. Let’s hope they hire a good chef to go with the innovative design ideas. Projected opening date is “in about a year,” which I hope they can manage; Style reports they’re dumping an estimated $1.5 million into the building which, I presume, means lots of work and time.

Jackson Ward:
Style also reports that Prodigy is working to secure a contract to provide food at the Hippodrome. So I guess this means that the Hippodrome renovations may actually happen? Anyone know anything about this? Last rumors I heard were that Walker Row Partnership was struggling for funding to renovate the “Hipp”- and seemingly confirming this, their website is woefully out of date. The email address is dead, and the information is wrong: it advertises the conversion of Jackson Ward’s North Carolina Mutual building into the 2C hotel, when it was switched to a condo project a while ago. I’d given up on the Hippodrome project, so news that it’s alive is really exciting. We might actually have 3 new downtown concert venues soon- the National, Toad’s Place, and the Hippodrome! Let’s hope they don’t compete with each other so much that they all fail.

According to Style, Prodigy Parners consists of:

D. Hayden Fisher, an attorney at Shaffer & Cabell, Jake Crocker, a partner at Martin Branding Worldwide and co-founder of OPUS, Mike Hanky, a commercial real estate developer with JRH Corp., Jim Kennedy, of information technology firm Providge Consulting, and Patrick McLynn, general manager of Metro Grill in the Fan.

I could not find a website for them. Let’s hope all their ideas are as good as the one’s they’re floating for the Lighthouse Diner.