5 restaurants, that is, if you count Ben & Jerry’s which is slated to open at the site of the laundromat across from the Byrd.

So it’s to be:

1. Ben & Jerry’s

2. Weezie’s Kitchen (named after a dead pug)- at the old Limani’s site (and the short lived Duro’s). They’ve had their ABC license application in the window for a long time. Richmond magazine interviewed the owner, but neglected to mention an opening date. He said they’ll serve “comfort food with a focus on seasonal freshness.”

3. Carytown Sushi- at the old Indochine. I haven’t seen any details as to design, pricing, or opening date yet.

4. Viva Mexico – at the old Mom’s Siam, sign’s been up for a couple months. There’s a phone number listed I keep meaning to call and ask for details. Hopefully it’ll be better than Nacho Mama’s.

5. Karsen’s – this is the restaurant Style mentioned a few week’s ago founded by three former Zeus Gallery Cafe employees. It’s on the 3400 block (across from Dogma and the McDonald’s), in a building that was a high end gift shop, I think called the Silver Spider?, and very very briefly housed Carytown books. Richmond magazine is reporting that it will be “upscale but casual” and open in the spring. It’ll seat 110 people. I heard them interviewing at Blue Mountain Coffee several weeks ago, and overheard that entrees will be in the $20 range.

For me, not the most exciting list, though authentic Mexican (if it’s to be such) and sushi are nice additions to Carytown. But we’ve got Bev’s for ice cream and plenty of casual upscale and southern comfort restaurants in this city. Not that I’m complaining about new restaurants, I just keep hoping for a little more daring and creativity in this city’s restaurant scene.