Yet another proposal for the Boulevard surfaces in this week’s Style: put the Coliseum there.

I’ve already written about all the big plans for the area: renovate or rebuild the Diamond, a new aquatics center, VCU tennis complex and dorms; then there’s the smaller, less news-generating plans which are already moving forward: restaurants, condos, apartments.

And I’ve advocated on this blog for the city coming up with a master plan for the area- preferably utilizing the intellectual capital of our local urban planning experts on city staff and at VCU and with significant citizen input (that’s opposed to the politician-developer behind-closed-doors model referenced in the Style article).

And here’s one more reason for prioritizing that master plan:

Where to move the Coliseum? That’s the $200 million question. The most obvious answer is the Boulevard, near The Diamond and Sports Backers Stadium, where the city owns property and the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control operates a distribution center. If those properties can be reconfigured, the sky’s the limit.
Pantele has been working behind the scenes for more than a year with developers interested in the Boulevard area for retail development.

So let’s see: retail development (I remember rumors of big box stores like Best Buy), sports complexes, VCU dorms, and now the Coliseum? Does anyone have any clue what they’re doing? Or is it whoever comes up with the money first? Shouldn’t we, like, I don’t know, decide what we want our city to be like and try to build it?