VCU’s student paper, the Commonwealth Times, reports that the Fan’s 15-year-old World Cup is being sold. Over the years, it has moved several times, opened new locations, closed new locations, and most recently moved from its longtime home on Robinson to Morris St. between Main and Floyd. Now, apparently, World Cup is giving up the ghost for good. The good news is that it’s new owners will be Southside’s best (in my not-so-humble opinion) coffee shop: Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream, who will keep it as a coffee shop. Not that that area needs as many coffee shops as it has, there’s Common Cup (owned by a church- watch out they proselytize!), Casablanca, Starbucks inside the VCU library, Alpine Bagel & Coffee inside the VCU commons, & Harrison St. Coffee Shop. But World Cup has always been my favorite- largely because of their wonderful patio that opens onto a park.

CT reports that Crossroads is buying World Cup and will reopen it as their 2nd location. Crossroads may actually be my favorite coffee shop in the city, good coffee, decent food, Bev’s ice cream and a pretty good atmosphere. And they have this concoction where they pour espresso and chocolate sauce over ice cream. MMmmmmm. I’m drooling here at work.

**7/11/07 update: Crossroads in the fan is reviewed in Style.