Why haven’t I heard about this before?  Style announces the upcoming Asian Food Festival (April 28) and names the location: “Heavens and Earth Café, the city’s first Cambodian restaurant, at 6311 Rigsby Road near Horsepen.” No review, no mention of how old or new it is, nothing!  What’s going on here?  A google search turned up only one website about the restaurant, and that in Spanish.

Well, this is exciting news.  Any of you checked it out yet?   I need details!

A side note about the Asian Food Festival- the Richmond Vietnamese Association is organizing the event as a benefit for a local child burned in a house fire.  I think it’s great, given the history of the Vietnamese-Cambodian conflict and the tensions that still exist there today, that here in Richmond the Vietnamese Assn. would choose a Cambodian restaurant to host this festival.