Have you ever wished you, the average, non-millionaire type person, could choose which stores open in town? Well now you can! Or you can try, anyway.

West of Shockoe alerted Richmond to a “location request form” for Trader Joe’s grocery store where you ask them to open a store wherever you want. Trader Joe’s, for those that don’t know, is only the best grocery store ever. They sell mostly natural and organic and imported foods at really good prices. And every store has a plastic lobster.

I’m not optimistic that they’ll move to town; I can’t imagine that with loyal Ukrops and Ellwood Thompson’s customers this would be an easy market for them.

And even if they come here, my bet is they’ll locate in West End suburban strip mall hell (sorry West Enders, but I grew up there, I know whereof I speak) . But I’ve put in my request for a TJ’s in the city limits.