Skybus airline started flying daily to Columbus, OH today. Before you roll your eyes and think “who cares about Columbus,” consider this: one-way flights cost $10.

And Columbus is their hub (and so far the only place they’re flying to from anywhere in the country). So you could fly to Columbus, then to San Francisco (well, Oakland, actually) for $20 total. Or LA, or Seattle/Vancouver (actually the Bellingham airport, about 1 hour away from each city), or a little less efficiently, Boston or Ft. Lauderdale.

Their website claims they’re opting for smaller, less congested airports for cost-saving reasons; hence the choice for Richmond. And they’re modelling themselves on the European discount airline, Ryanair- which if you’ve ever flown is incredibly cheap, offers no services, and flies to airports a good distance away from major destinations. Of course, in Europe that’s not usually a big deal since there’s decent mass transit even in small areas. We’ll see how it works out here.

Hopefully they won’t suck, crash, or go bankrupt. Otherwise, this is phenomenal news! It’s great for Richmond to increase its transportation connections. Columbus here I come.

Via the Times-Dispatch (which claims details forthcoming tomorrow, Wed. the 25th).