Two weeks ago, Style reported that tomorrow, April 28, a local Richmond restaurant would host an Asian Food Festival.  This week’s Style?  Nothing- it’s not mentioned on the calendar, in the news section, or anywhere else I could find.  No mention in Brick either. I called the host restaurant and got no answer.

Here’s the restaurant’s info:

Heavens And Earth Cafe 
6311 Rigsby Road, Richmond, VA 23226

(804) 282-2212

If any of you know anything about the festival, or call and talk to someone, would you leave a comment here?

Here’s the relevant excerpt from Style:

Plan to attend the Asian Food Festival April 28 from noon until 6 p.m. It’s not so much about the food, though there will be plenty of Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese and Cambodian dishes to sample. What’s most important to organizers — the Richmond Vietnamese Association — is that money is raised to help with the medical expenses of Tammy Nguyen, a local child who was badly burned in a house fire and continues to work toward recovery. Spokesman Dao Huynh-Vuong hopes the event will raise more than $50,000.

The festival will be held on the lawn of Heavens and Earth Café, the city’s first Cambodian restaurant, at 6311 Rigsby Road near Horsepen. Two or three tents will have children’s activities and foods. “The Richmond Vietnamese community wants to do something because we’ve been embraced by philanthropy here, and now we want to do this for someone who needs the help,” Huynh-Vuong says. See you there.