An Indian wine/restaurant/hotel company from Mumbai, the Indage Group, plans on opening 5 restaurants and a business headquarters in Virginia.

They will partner with a local restaurant, India Garden & Grill, and “oversee” its management.  I’m unclear whether that partnership counts as one of the 5 restaurants or not.  Also, I wonder if they’ll oversee the cooking as well as the management?  I’ve never eaten there, but most every Indian I’ve met in Richmond tells me there’s no good Indian restaurants here, which, sadly, I’ve found to be true.  Maybe this is about to change?  After all Tim Kaine says the Indage Group will “bring authentic Indian cuisine … to Virginia.”

Among other things, the Indage Group webpage has food/wine pairings for traditional Indian cuisine, as well as Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian curries (click on Wine Brands, then Wine and Food).

Info from (last week even, I just missed it.)