I’m losing count of how many times I’ve posted about plans for the Boulevard area.

Today’s TD features a column titled, “Renovate The Diamond and replace the Coliseum;” the title pretty much sums up the content. The author presents some rough financial figures to bolster his argument. He also echoes the idea floated in Style a month ago to relocate the Coliseum replacement in the Boulevard corridor, in order to “create a total sports complex in one area…”

And so, as long as we’re rehashing ideas in the public sphere, I’ll repeat myself:

Let’s have some meaningful community input into planning the future of the Boulevard. It’s hotly contested space experiencing rapid change, with multiple expensive proposals being floated. Why not ask the people who’re buying condos, renting lofts, going to sports events, or working in the neighborhood what they would like to see? Why not copy Petersburg and bring in some experts to consult with the community?

It’s time to stop the behind-closed-doors deals promising taxpayer funds or tax breaks for development the taxpayers have no say in. If you’re spending my money, at least have the decency to ask what I’d like you to buy for me.

And just for fun, here’s an old rendering I found of a new ballpark for the R-Braves by HKS architects. Does anyone know the history of this image? Was this a serious proposal at some point? Where was it to be located?


It is not the rendering I saw for the proposed Shockoe Bottom stadium, which used the same architecture firm. That proposal is below: