So downtown Richmond won’t get a Hilton in the old Miller & Rhoads building, as promised. We’ll get a Hilton Garden Inn- a scaled-back, lesser cousin to the upscale “full-service” Hilton.

We’re assured, however, that this won’t be a suburban-style development in the middle of downtown. Ron Silverman, senior vice president of HRI Properties, says the hotel will include 25,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor, facing Broad Street.

“It bears no resemblance to a roadside Hilton Garden Inn,” he insists. “It’s apples and pumpkins.” Via Style.

In other Hilton-development news from Style, “The general contractor overseeing the Miller & Rhoads hotel project downtown has fired minority contractor Al Bowers Jr., who’s blaming Mayor L. Douglas Wilder for his dismissal.”

This is the same Al Bowers, Jr., who earlier in the year said, “We have a complete void of black leadership in the city of Richmond…I can tell you one thing: We need a change in leadership.”

Hmmm, is downtown redevelopment a hostage of political considerations?  Say it isn’t so!