So I happened upon a 6-week-old coffee shop this morning on Broad near Laurel St. (just west of Belvidere) called “Common Groundz.” They have a myspace profile, but no webpage.

They’re serving Bev’s Ice Cream, Zuppa soup & sandwiches, and in the fall will add Bottom’s Up Pizza to the menu. And their coffee’s fair trade.

Plus they’re hosting local music & poetry shows- 13 scheduled so far in June (schedule is available at their myspace profile).

Their support of local restaurants & artists makes them a great addition to the Richmond community. In their own words: “We promote Local Artists, Local Music, and Local Food in an effort to enrich our own community’s varied gifts and talents into this city and this place.”

And the owners have a story too:

[T]he owners of Common Groundz are persons in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We are proud to say this in an attempt to dispel the belief that once an addict, always an addict. We are living examples of change and progress. We do become responsible, productive members of society. We welcome those of you in our community who choose to fellowship with those of us in recovery.

I hope the shop succeeds!