BlackFinn, a restaurant slated to open soon at Riverside on the James, had a tent set up last night at Friday Cheers.  They promised a June 15th opening date.

They advertise themselves as an Irish saloon (and here I always thought of saloon’s as part of the “wild west” of America and pubs as Irish- shows you what I know.)  BlackFinn started in NYC, and Richmond will be their 10th location, 2nd in VA (Norfolk’s the other).

The list of groups who’ve booked events at the saloon should give you a sense of its character: the Junior League, Young Republicans, the Richmond Bar Association, and Parrotheads (I’m assuming the Jimmy Buffet fan-type of parrothead, I’d be delighted if I were wrong.)

Oh and they’ve got a website now too, complete with menu & prices:

While it doesn’t really look like my scene, I’m glad to see more life coming to the canal walk.