A large store is about to be vacant in Carytown, hopefully soon to be inhabited by something exciting and interesting.

Today’s TD reports that Richmond Piano is abandoning the city for Western Henrico, thus leaving their large (approx. 6,000 sf?) building open for someone else to move into:

Look for Richmond Piano to move from Carytown, where it has been for more than 25 years, to western Henrico County.Owner Douglas Wurz said he bought the Ethan Allen furniture store building at 10300 W. Broad St. Ethan Allen plans to relocate that store to one that is under construction in the Towne Center West shopping center, just west of Short Pump Town Center mall.

Wurz hopes to be in his new digs later this fall.

The 12,000-square-foot building he bought is twice as big as his existing store at 3133 W. Cary St. “I love Carytown, but my customers want the teaching program and this will enable me to expand the teaching program,” Wurz said.

“We’ve been here a long time and I hate to leave the area, but this was an opportunity for us and we thought that the West End was where our type of customer was going out to shop,” he said.

While I hate to see businesses leave the city for the suburbs, a business- like a piano shop- that doesn’t attract casual pedestrian traffic perhaps doesn’t need to be in Carytown- one of the few truly pedestrian-friendly shopping areas in Richmond. I mean, who’s going to be strolling along Cary St. and buy a piano on a whim? It’s a destination shop.

So here’s hoping something new comes along soon!