I haven’t written much on my blog recently. That’s partly because I’ve been busy, and partly because Richmond is not inspiring me at the moment. It feels like every news item I come across is tired, recycling the same old stories with the same old commentaries- just change a few details from last week’s headlines, and you’ve got news.

So, I’ve decided to make a generic post about the state of urban issues in Richmond.

Here are my 8 recurring stories.

Read them any day, and they’ll make sense. I’ve included the “headline,” then, in parentheses, the most recent examples of the headline, and finally, my commentary in italics:

1. New luxury apartments/condos are being built. (Cold Storage building in Shockoe)
And no one will buy them.

2. A new store/restaurant opens. (Rumors boutique, Cafe Cuba)

3. An old store/restaurant closes/moves out of the city. (Richmond Piano)

4. Richmond politicians fail to be innovative or progressive, and don’t solicit input. (Fan party patrol)
How could they?

5. Regionalism can’t get off the ground. (Regional planning commission fails to be regional, or plan)
Those damn suburbanites.

6. VCU expands. (VCU allowed to tear down historic stables)
Trani-ville does both good and bad things for Richmond.

7. Richmond loves cars. (Green space on Monument Ave. paved over)
I should move to another city.

8. Race continues to be a divisive issue. (Jim Bacon says: talk less about race; I disagree)

So there you have it. The 8 tired stories about Richmond’s development.
I don’t know, maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the stress in my life. But I’m just not excited about this town right now. As my pseudonym implies, I’ve always felt ambivalent about living here, and right now I’m feeling much more negative than usual. Please, y’all, tell me why I’m wrong.