Richmond Braves baseball will stay on the Boulevard- either with a renovated Diamond or a new stadium, according to James L. Jenkins, chairman of the Richmond Metropolitan Authority board of directors [via].

The good news there is that the matter is settled- no more proposals for ballparks in the Bottom, or Fulton Gas Works, or the suburbs. Now energy can finally be focused on redeveloping the Boulevard neighborhood, which is exactly what Wilder is proposing:

“The city is asking for proposals by consultants, who would look for developers with ideas about how best to use the 60 acres Richmond owns between the Boulevard, Interstate 95, Hermitage Road and the CSX railroad tracks. The mayor wants a mixture of commercial, office and residential uses to be considered.”

There has been no commitment made to keeping the Diamond- only to keeping a baseball stadium on the Boulevard. So it seems the whole city-owned portion of the neighborhood is up for grabs.

The TD also mentions the planned $7 million Poseidon Swim Club facility and VCU’s interest in building tennis courts. Absent is any discussion of moving the coliseum that the paper has previously discussed.

Let’s hope that whatever consultants the city chooses will put together decent proposals, and maybe even solicit public input as Petersburg recently did.

*UPDATE – 7/4/07* Kaine and Wilder are proposing that the city and state swap land to facilitate the redevelopment of Boulevard- the city would give up the coliseum land and the state would give up the 19 -acre ABC warehouse on Hermitage . Read more here.