Viva Mexico, Carytown’s only Mexican restaurant (Nacho Mama’s is Tex-Mex), has spanish-speaking staff, and typical Mexican-restaurant-in-the-States decor. But their food is not impressing many. I visited a while ago, but since I’ve decided to cede restaurant reviewing to other bloggers, I declined to post my opinions on-line. My own opinions are well-represented by the two recent reviews from the TD and local blogger RVA Foodie.

The TD reviewer sums up, “its food needs more pizazz to convert me from my current Mexican mainstays.” I disagree with her take on their chile rellenos, about which she wrote, “The chile relleno, however, was full of creamy queso and generously soaked in that tangy verde sauce.” I found the dish to be a disappointingly overcooked chile filled with unusually flavorless cheese. Otherwise, her experience and mine were very similar.

I scanned and posted Viva Mexico’s menu right after they first opened.¬† You can find it here.

RVA Foodie also offers up a review and personal experience with Aladdin’s in the same post, where I can personally recommend the Falafel combo pita with baba ganouj, an amazing combination of perfectly-cooked, crisp falafel complemented by the creamy, garlicy eggplant spread.