Shockoe Bottom north of Broad St. is about to undergo massive changes. Plans to renovate 5 buildings that are part of the Richmond Cold Storage complex have been unveiled. New apartments and an expanded microbrewery are part of the plan. Here’s a picture of the buildings now:


Photo by John Murden, used with permission.

Richmond Cold Storage is located here (18th & Marshall).

The TD has the details and a video interview with the developer (which won’t seem to play all the way through for me). The print version has a site plan which I’m not sure I’m legally able to scan and post on-line. Any copyright experts out there want to advise me in the comments section? Or if you can find it elsewhere on-line, please post the link. It looks interesting.

The development is being done by Historic Housing, which did the renovations on the buildings at 14th & Main St. Historic Housing is somehow affiliated with H. Louis Salomonsky (he owns the parent company, I think.) Last I heard, Salomonsky was in jail for bribing former city councilwoman Gwen Hedgepath. Not that a bribery conviction means your companies can’t do good redevelopment work around the city, mind you.

Highlights of the new development include:

  • Kelvin Brewing will use one building as its microbrewery
  • Another building will be a studio and sculpture gallery
  • Restaurant & retail space
  • 2 pools and a fitness center
  • 600-1,000 sq. ft. units, mostly one bedroom
  • Rental price estimates are $1.50/sq ft. (This seems high, Monroe Properties rents (or at least used to) at $1/sq. ft.)
  • Demolition starts in August, completion by late ’08