I’ve been out of town and missed the beginning of the downtown master plan charrette. So I’ve been combing through the archives of RVA blogs looking for blog posts to fill me in on what I’ve missed. Here’s what I found:

The man spearheading the blogger reporting effort on this process, is, of course, John Sarvay at Buttermilk & Molasses.
Read his extensive reports & analysis here, or his guest column in the TD here.

Daniel Farrell has reports and video of Day 1 & Day 2.

Ross Catrow reports on some specific ideas from the charrette.

And the TD’s columnist-blogger, Bart Hinkle, weighs in with his own commentary.  He includes an interesting letter from long-time Richmond agitator Mike Sarahan, who annoys many (read the comments on Hinkle’s blog) but makes a good point about the lack of racial diversity at the charrette.

Or for that brand of humor only SaveRichmond.com can deliver, take the “EZ 2 LOVE THE DOWNTOWN PLAN Quiz.”

The TD’s only news story so far (that I could find).

And finally, the home page of the design firm in charge, Dover, Kohl & Partners, who’ve yet to add anything about their current Richmond project, but who will hopefully do so soon.

I’ll add more commentary on all of these reports as soon as I’ve had time to catch up on my post-vacation stack of work and actually digest all the information out there.

Forgive me if I’ve missed any blogs out there covering this event, and add a link in the comments section.