Paul DiPasquale, sculptor of the Arthur Ashe statue and the “Brave” emerging out of the Diamond, indicates in a interview that he’s working on a new piece of public art.

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Is there anything you’re currently working on that is destined for public display soon?

I have a thing I’m working that I’m going to get up somewhere, but I don’t know if it will happen in Richmond. What I want to do is make a sculpture out of destroyed handguns. Legal handguns that have been confiscated by the police. I have a number of things in mind. It used to be easier to get those gun parts…I’m working on that right now with the Richmond Police. The proposal I want to do would be making a place where victims of handgun violence would go, but that place would be constructed out of welded together handgun parts.

With the guns for this piece coming from Richmond, and our city desperately needing some healing from the gun violence that’s plagued our city for years, I hope it will be sited here.  I also hope it will be done well.

The interview also answers other mysteries, such as “what’s up with Ashe’s ‘beat-the-children’ pose”?