The 300 block of E. Broad St. will see a new 3-story restaurant opening by the end of the year.

According to the TD, who buried this story in an article about a suburban pharmacy, Prodigy Partners is planning a restaurant to be called Canvas at 306 & 308 E. Broad.

The art gallery-themed restaurant would occupy the two buildings on all three floors. A café would be on the first floor, a restaurant and full bar on the second floor and private dining and meeting rooms on the third floor.

No word on who the chef will be or what style food will be served, but the concept seems intriguing. An “art gallery-themed ” restaurant sounds like they’ll be trying to tie into the art renaissance further west on Broad, which would effectively draw that crowd further east than any other current galleries or restaurants.

Unfortunately the Prodigy Partner’s website Jake Crocker advertised in the comments section of this blog in an earlier post is still not live. So for now we’ll still have to rely on the media to alert us to new developments by this investment group.