Our politicians are embarrassing us. And honestly, I can’t figure out who’s side I’m on- do I cheer for Wilder’s no-holds-barred, clean-up-city-government and piss-everyone-off campaign? Or do I join Council and the School Board in resisting Wilder’s anti-democratic megalomania while not accomplishing much themselves?

It’s like we’re navigating between Scylla and Charybdis.

I’ve been corresponding with RVA Foodie about this dilemma since he posted his eyewitness report to the city hall chaos last week. His critique of police cooperation in the disputed move is echoed in this week’s Style. Score one for bloggers beating commercial media to the punch.

RVA Foodie suggested, and I agree, that our hoped for outcome is “to protect democratic principles.”

Obviously none of the people involved are angels, but they’ve got jobs to do (or at least the pretense of a job) and we shouldn’t tolerate petty diversions. It’s a sad state of affairs when business as usual is the best possible scenario. [via personal email with RVA Foodie]

I couldn’t agree more. Let’s keep the focus on what matters- improving our city and educating our children- and not let these diversions sidetrack us from achieving those goals.

And in the spirit of exercising our democratic, participatory muscle and improving our city, we should all attend tonight’s master plan meeting.

The next community meeting for the update to the Richmond Downtown Master Plan will be held on Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 6:30pm at The Renaissance Conference Center (located at 107 W. Broad Street at the corner of W. Broad and Adams Streets). Free parking for the event will be available to the rear of the conference center. See map for location of parking areas.

Don’t let our lawsuit-happy politicians distract us from the work WE need to do. We can redeem Richmond by making it a better place to live, work, and play, no matter who’s in office.

Don’t wring your hands. Do something.