Please forgive my 2-week absence from blogging- I’ve been in Italy attending a conference.  So my first post since returning is, appropriately enough, about the expansion of an Italian-American Pizza Empire.

7 pizzerias- seven!- are owned by the same family.  I’ve known for a while that Mary Angela’s and Piccola’s were owned by the same folks, but I had no idea that they had 5 other restaurants.  Thanks to Style for pointing this out.

The seven restaurants are:

Mary Angela’s – Carytown (corner of Cary & Freeman)
Piccola’s – Uptown/VCU (corner of Harrison& Main)
Maldini’s – Forest Hill (corner of Forest Hill & Westover Hills Blvd.)
Pronto – Near Libbie & Broad
Pietro’s – Chester
Vinny’s Italian Grill- multiple locations

And the newest addition: Arianna’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria at 700 N. Sheppard St.

Actually, I’m not sure how Vinny’s Italian Grill can be owned by this same family, as it has 17 locations of its own.

According to Style, “an assortment of family members moves among the holdings to ensure that every slice is made with the same recipe, ingredients and Italian DNA that have made each restaurant successful.”

I have to say, these restaurants doesn’t measure up to the pizzas made in wood-burning ovens I just had in Naples, but they’re still some of the best in town.