Thanks to those of you who let me know you read and appreciate what I write. Life has become busyand the joy of blogging has diminished for me recently.

I remain passionate, however, about the possibilities of a better future for Richmond. And so I will continue blogging for now.

Two things I’d love to see which would help me feel this blog is worthwhile:

  1. More discussion in the comments section. I don’t blog just to see myself think. I blog because I hope to spark conversation and change in our region. So please share your thoughts, even if you disagree with what I’ve written.
  2. Featuring more good ideas that Richmond should implement.  I’d love it if you would send me ideas about what makes cities great- and I’ll blog about them (giving you credit). Or perhaps you’re not a blogger but still want to occasionally get your thoughts out there – contact me and let’s talk. I’d be happy to feature others’ thoughts here. Let’s not let Crupi, Staubach, and the old boys club have a monopoly on making suggestions for our region!