In addition to the art deco West Hospital which Trani wants to tear down, another VCU-owned landmark in downtown Richmond is about to go. Here’s a picture of the doomed building:

Photo by Taberandrew, used with permission.

This is VCU’s Larrick Center (which I’ve seen many times & had no idea what I was looking at!)

OK, so maybe this doesn’t qualify as a landmark. But it’s certainly one of the stranger buildings we have in downtown Richmond. For those who haven’t seen it before, make a pilgrimage before it’s gone forever. Here’s a map:


I learned this sad news from a VCU Librarian & Professor, Dan Ream who wrote about the building’s history on his blog:

Built originally as the Virginia Civil War Centennial Center and opened in September, 1961, it has functioned for many years as the student activities center for MCV campus students at VCU. It was named for the former YMCA director at MCV, Jonah Larrick.

VCU’s description of the building:

Larrick Student Center includes a dining facility on the first floor and a social center on the second floor. The spacious second-floor lounge is used for movies, dances, lectures, receptions, art exhibitions and other functions. Additional upstairs space houses billiard tables, table tennis, television and an area for listening to music.

And other than Professor Ream’s blog, the only mention I could find on-line of the impending demolition occurred in the minutes of a Student Activities Advisory Committee meeting back in September, which indicates the center closes in December and will be demolished in January.

I wonder what they’ll replace it with…