It’s dangerous out there, cyclists.

As if to prove the point of my last few posts about the dangers of biking in Richmond, Style runs this article this week, Cop Hits Cyclist, Who Gets Billed for Damages.”

This woman was hit by a cop car (Style left unstated whether the officer or biker is legally at fault), then sent a bill for damaging the squad car! The RPD has not offered to pay for damaging her brain or the rest of her body.

She was biking east on Jahnke Rd and entered the intersection at Forest Hill Ave. on a green light. The light changed to yellow, then to red before she could make it through.

Without knowing the specifics of her accident, I’m going to say that whoever’s in charge of our infrastructure is partly to blame here. From my own experience, I’ve learned that stoplights are not timed for bikes. Even in shorter intersections than at Jahnke & Forest Hill I’ve had lights go from green to red after I’ve crossed the line.

And despite DOT plans and politicians advocating alternatives to the automobile, there’s little to no actual implantation of specific protections for cyclists on the road.