The police have decided not to charge the cyclist for getting hit by one of their squad cars. Hooray!

I still think the cyclist should sue, if not for personal gain and payment of medical fees, then for making the point that cyclists deserve better treatment than we get around here. According to Style,

David Baugh, a well-known local defense attorney, offered his services pro bono, saying Stokes had ample grounds for a counterclaim against the city. Stokes says she has no plans to seek compensation from the city.

Can I sue for her?

Bud Vye, a “cycling advocate” with the Richmond Area Bicycling Association, commented on this case and Virginia’s bike-unfriendliness.

“[In] a state like this, the motor vehicle guy is always right and the cyclist is cluttering up the road,” says Vye, who sees Virginia as a fairly unfriendly state for cycling.

Fairly unfriendly? I’d say downright hostile.

And if any of you RABA-folks are reading this, I’d be happy to join your organization for $20 a year if you did more advocacy like this- or at least publicize the advocacy you do. When I read your website, it seems like a riders’ club, not a cycling advocacy group. We need some serious public policy lobbying in this region- and I for one would pay someone who was doing it.