…is an asset to our city.

While I usually write quick, reactionary pieces about Richmond, there are bloggers who write more thoughtful and nuanced posts about issues important to our city.

While my most recent post on the city’s planning commission and their idiotic attempts to trash the master plan rose to the top of RVABlogs most popular list, a more substantial post on the same topic got less attention (from RVABlogs readers, anyway).

Jon Baliles over at River City Rapids actually attended the Planning Commission meeting (with John Sarvay) and offers his eyewitness account and commentary in two excellent posts, A Resistance to Reflexively Go Along Parts I and II. Go read them.

Jon’s post in Part II argues that condos and public river access are incompatible, which I disagree with (though that might very well be true here in Richmond given our politicians’ inability to extract concessions from developers). Nevertheless, this disagreement is exactly the type of conversation that actually helps clarify the values our community holds in common: in this case public river access & green space.

I don’t know Jon and am, of course, joking when I say he has too much time on his hands.  I am thankful for his and John Sarvay’s very substantial contribution to covering the master planning process for downtown.