The 1930’s era, Art Deco American Model Tobacco building on Jeff Davis Highway at Hopkins Rd. may become a 600-unit apartment complex. [Details VIA the TD] Here’s a retro-postcard picture of the building:


The developer plans for the building to be a mixed-income development, with approximately 1/3 of the units designated “affordable” with the help of VHDA tax credits.

In reporting this story, the Times Dispatch continues its current trend of shoddy journalism and/or poor editorial oversight.

Problematic quotes include:

The main building encompasses about 350,000 in seven stories, with some sweeping view of the city skyline.

I assume 350,000 square feet, and not 350,000 units? Though the units presumably have the sweeping views and not the square feet. Or perhaps it’s some of the 7 stories which have the views. Come to think of it, I suppose, technically speaking, some of the square feet have sweeping views too.

The renovation of the classic American Model Tobacco building in South Richmond came before a City Council committee today for support but council took no action.

What kind of “support” was sought? Financial? Rezoning? Moral?

Why did Council take no action? Outright hostility to the project? Deferral until a committee can discuss? They were tired and ran out of coffee?

The article affords no answers to these questions, unfortunately.