Today I finally got around to reading Monday’s Mayor’s Visions Newsletter. And I found something about which the Mayor, his staff, and I agree: the news outlets in this town leave something to be desired.

Something like: decent journalism that reports and checks facts and asks tough questions.

The Mayors Visions newsletter was penned by new CAO, Sheila Hill-Christian, who takes a swipe at shoddy reporting about the Braves’ move:

The City of Richmond does not own The Diamond. The ballpark is owned by Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield through the RMA (Richmond Metropolitan Authority), and any decisions relative to baseball and The Diamond are decided by the three localities.

We are all in this together and had agreed to the timeline for a new ballpark, as did the Atlanta Braves. While several people have asked me why this has not been previously reported, I simply don’t know why.

While this statement is clearly an attempt to divert some well-deserved blame from the Wilder administration, it’s interesting that the scapegoat is poor reporting- an issue which will likely get even Wilder-haters nodding in agreement.

Blogging about bad journalism from our local paper has become a theme with me recently. See:

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*I’m not picking on Martz because he’s worse than other reporters, he just happens to write the articles I’m most interested in.