This city is totally out of control.

Our attorney is trying to warn us:

Although the State owns a number of the buildings located within the area encompassed by the Plan, none of those State buildings must comply with any of the recommendations outlined in the Plan due to the State’s immunity from land use controls by a local government.

This parental warning came in the context of investigating whether Planning Commission Chair Bob Mills has a conflict of interest in voting on the Master Plan since his architectural firm is employed by both the state and VCU.

River City Rapids hits the nail on the head:

I find it slightly ironic that if the DMP indeed has zero authority over those buildings that Mr. Mills represents in his work capacity, then why is his concern so passionate and outright that he (and others) insist the language in the report in regards to VCU be drastically toned down and some sections of it removed completely?

You tend to be the most defensive about things that matter to you most. And legal opinion or not, people’s actions tell you exactly where they stand and what they stand for.