According to a downtown property owner, the city is setting itself up for lawsuits for the audacity of creating a master plan. Read on:

With the stroke of a pen, Ms. Flynn has officially designated private property as a public park and arbitrarily reduced potential development on other private property — without compensating the owner. This so-called planning is nothing less than a taking of property rights, known as “regulatory taking.” Regulatory taking is wrong on so many fronts, not the least of which is its illegality; unfortunately, it is all too common in today’s government.

Terrell Bowers, Manager
Super Duper Properties LLC

He wrote this accusation to Style, where he also accused Rachel Flynn of dishonesty, poor leadership, and arrogance.

I can’t figure out how to search for all the properties owned by Super Duper (any help?), but did discover that they own at least one vacant property downtown at 12 N. 8th St. A google search showed that one of the co-owners lives out of state.

What I find particularly galling is Mr. Bower’s accusation that Rachel Flynn “arbitrarily” created the plan. First, Mr. Bowers ignores the public nature of the planning process and attributes the plan to one city official. Second, he calls the plan arbitrary when a great deal of planning philosophy and public input created it.

But the upshot is- looks like we can brace for another lawsuit.

And it seems he’s not alone in his anger- a visitor to this blog commented on my post about Rachel Flynn suggesting that she’s incompetent and acting illegally.