…I’d write about this week’s cover article in Style about gun crime.

I’d probably title the post with this quote from a gun dealer: “Richmond is kind of like a bad neighborhood…”

I’d write about the poor logic of statements like this: “ Some people may want tougher gun laws, but the point between a legal sale and a crime can be a long, winding road.”

I’d write about how the people lobbying for and profiting from liberal gun laws are not bearing the high societal cost of their actions.

Crime and the health of urban environments is clearly within the scope of my blog, yet I’ve taken on so much in my personal life right now that I just can’t find the time to write a well-reasoned, well-researched response to this article.  And I know you can’t criticize gun laws in this country without entering a political minefield.  So for now, I’ll just point out that this article, particularly its conclusions, should be read with your critical thinking skills fully engaged.

Several of you have noticed and commented on my lack of blogging lately- thanks for your support of this blog and I hope to get back into the game soon.