Ed Trask, famed Richmond artist and public mural painter, speaks his mind about the recent demise of his Pricess Di mural on the side of Club Velvet.

He’s interviewed in a new free Richmond magazine, Urge: Try Something Different, which “celebrates all that is creative and innovative in the city and region.”

Actually, he and Gordon Stettinius (photographer and adjunct VCU prof) interview each other.  Here’s the excerpt about the Princess Di painting:

Stettinius: Do you like seeing your work get old?
Trask: I adore it. It becomes thematically what I like to look at. Quite often when I put a mural up, I know it’s not going to be there that long. Everybody’s freakin’ out about the “Princess Diana” [mural] being gone and I’m like thank god! When I first put it up there, there was a restaurant and two geourgous [sic] billboards. You’d come off the exit and there was a Marlboro man kinda looking over at Princess Diana. But the billboards came down, a strip club came in, she started fading out, the shadows started coming out more. It gave joy to a lot of people as long as it could but I’m glad it’s gone. It’s time for a rebirth, let’s put something else up there.