The Hotel John Marshall, long-rumored to be slated for some kind of adaptive re-use (condos? apartments? hotel? a mixture?), now has its own website indicating that someone’s still planning for the place.

The website is long on design and short on details.  In fact, there are no details to be found.  But you can see cool old pictures, and learn that the name is “Residences at Hotel John Marshall.”

The Monroe Ward community news site reported on some rumors several days ago:

The John Marshall is expected to be under renovation in early summer. The rooftop sign will be airlifted to The Diamond, restored and re-mounted after construction is completed. First Market Bank will establish a branch there as well as a grocery store (Ukrops?) and other commercial space will be available. Across Franklin (where the barber shop is presently located), all buildings from mid-block to and including the ugly one on the corner of 6th and Franklin will be demolished and a garage for tenants will be erected on the lot. Dominion Partners is the developer.

The place, to be called The Residences at the John Marshall, is either a condo development or will be apartments.

Commenters indicated that Ukrop’s is a no, unsurprising in terms of their latest downtown failure, and that First Market is a maybe.  No sources were named, however, so take it all with a grain of salt.

At the very least, while we stare at the giant vacant high-rise building, we can go to the website, hear some nice old-timey jazz, and see what Richmond used to look like.  Here’s hoping the future looks better (and more racially integrated).