A 10-story or taller high rise to extend over the expressway and the RMA parking deck? Maybe. People are talking, but nothing’s certain yet.

A surface parking lot between 9th & 10th on Canal has been under contract since early this year, according to the TD.

An RMA exec said the adjacent RMA parking deck “was built in anticipation that someday there would be a high-rise building adjacent to that deck and actually cantilevering over a part of our air rights.”

The deck was built 16 years ago. Slow down that development pace! We can’t keep up!

Cantilever. An unfortunately underused word for the common building practice of building overhanging structures without external bracing. And that’s what they’re talking about doing over the deck and possibly the expressway. But I say, don’t hold your breath. The number of proposals flying around this town that don’t come to fruition is depressing.

Until they name a developer, which city and RMA officials aren’t yet doing, I refuse to get excited.